Dissolution of Marriage

“Dissolution of marriage” is California’s term for “divorce.” A dissolution proceeding can involve child custody, child support, spousal support, property valuations, and property division issues. Because it involves issues of deeply personal concern, a dissolution proceeding often comprises a challenging and emotional time in a client’s life. A client’s family’s future depends on prudent decisions being made.

High-Net-Worth Case Specialties

A dissolution of marriage proceeding for a high-net-worth client can involve unique issues, including business valuations, stock options, retirement accounts, real estate interests, estate plans, property divisions, cash flow analyses, and support calculations. Our office specializes in such cases. The expertise we bring to advanced issues is evidenced by the high numbers of educational presentations, published articles, and professional accomplishments shown on these web pages. The Granberg Law Office is a proven leader in California family law issues such as Loan Proceeds Characterization, Pereira/Van Camp Apportionment, Moore/Marsden Apportionment, Capital Gains Taxation, Business Valuation, Business Income Available for Support, and Divorce Judgment Enforcement.

Settlement or Trial Representation

We settle cases in which we can obtain a fair result for our client and take other cases to trial. Thorough preparation and adept advocacy commonly convince the opposing party of the strengths of our positions. The highly-qualified, nationally-recognized forensic experts we use help us resolve cases advantageously.


The Granberg Law Office offers mediation services for appropriate cases.

Consulting Attorney Services

We appreciate the recognition the Granberg Law Office enjoys in California’s family law community. We are frequently hired by other attorneys to assist with their analyses and presentations regarding high-level issues.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our recognition in the family law community results in requests by other attorneys for our expert witness services. We have provided court testimony on various issues, including property characterization, premarital agreement validity, probate law/family law crossover issues, and legal malpractice matters.